Your age + 5 years

How many people flinched when they read the title of this blog post? It’s a bit confronting isn’t it!

One question we always ask the people we help is to consider where they want to be in 5 years. It can seem a long way off, but when you acknowledge the age you will be, the timeline becomes a lot more realistic. You might even find you’ve had ideals about what life might be like for you at that particular age.

And when you think about it, it’s not just what your age will be that matters but the ages of your spouse, children and (possibly) parents too.

What are you doing to ensure you will be living life your way in 5 years?

To help plan the journey, consider the following:

Your spouse: Will they still be working? Full time, part time? Or retired?

Your children: Will they be starting high school or finishing? Will you need to consider school fees or invest the extra income you have available?

Your parents: What are their current living arrangements and how is their health? What might life look like for them in 5 years?

Work: Would you still want to be in the same job? If not, what changes have to occur and by when?

You: Who do you want to spend more time with? Where do you want to travel? Is 5 years’ time a milestone birthday for you – how would you like to celebrate?

It’s easy to make changes for today but stretching our minds forward 5 years to the age we will be can be more challenging.

Time is our scarcest resource. Spend the time you have with those you love, doing the things you enjoy. With a bit of thought and planning it really can be that simple.

We love to hear people’s stories and help them design a pathway forward but we also know it’s hard to take that first step. You either can’t find the time or you worry about having to get paperwork together before we meet. 

The reality is, the first step is a phone call and, when we do meet, you don’t need to bring anything but an open mind.  

To find out more click here for a short video and please share this blog post with anyone that might be interested.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.