What’s the right investment strategy for you?

This is always an interesting question and one that many will have a view on.  Some argue that investing in the property market is more stable and “less risky”.  The opinion of those on the flipside is that without risk there’s less return on your investment.

Every type of asset has its advantages and disadvantages.  The key is to understand why and how you’re making your investment decisions.  Do you choose property because of the tangibility or maybe because people in your social circle are investing that way?  Do you buy shares  because of a personal recommendation from a friend?  The question is, will these decisions get you to where you want to be?

A great way to increase your understanding of various investment types, and build confidence in your decision making as an investor, is to keep an investment journal.  This can be done through a traditional journal writing method, by using a spreadsheet or note taking app.

By recording your investment decisions, thoughts, goals and opportunities you can track decisions that are profitable versus those that resulted in a loss.

One step further is to record how you were feeling at the time and any changes happening in your life to identify behavioural patterns. The learnings will be invaluable and help you make the best choices for your future.

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