What is your if/then?

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to get started on something? Could be anything – planning a trip, buying a new car, updating your Will – but you’re putting it off until the time is just right. In the video below I talk about a blog written by Seth Godin called “What is your if/then?”

It’s a thought process based on “IF this happens, THEN I’ll do that” and for many people it’s almost second nature – they don’t even know they’re doing it!

Here’s a link to the blog. 


If this is you, the reality is…(spoiler alert!)…there is no perfect moment.

As Seth says in the blog “The future always happens sooner than we expect.”

Start planning for the outcomes you want and build in flexibility to handle any challenges along the way. Inaction will get you nowhere and once you start you’ll want to keep going.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.