What could life look like for you?

It’s always interesting to have conversations with people who solely focus on the rate of return from an investment. Realistically, this measure alone doesn’t provide a clear picture on whether the investment choice was the right one.

In my view, the assessment of success comes down to whether your overall asset management strategy has given you the ability to do what you want, when you want and with the people that are most important to you. To have that freedom to enjoy life, your way, without worrying about the financial implications.

The question is: what could life look like for you if your living expenses were covered?

Would you continue to work in your current role out of need for mental stimulation or enjoyment of the team you work with? Would you reduce your hours and only take on projects that interested you? Maybe you might have a complete change of scenery and start something new?

Part of our Wealth Activism philosophy looks at the 3 horizons in the diagram below, with a particular focus on horizon 3: what’s possible?

When was the last time you allowed yourself the opportunity to think not only about where you want to be, but where you could be?

For those us still subject to ongoing state lockdowns, please know this doesn’t have to stop you planning for the future you want once all of this is over.

Email me directly today and we can chat through the options available.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.