The difference between profit and true wealth

Do you own a business? Or manage a team of employees? If so, there’s an interesting  TED Talk by Chobani founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, called “the anti-CEO playbook”.  Throughout his presentation, he challenges the way  businesses (and particularly CEO’s) operate in today’s world.  Hamdi’s view is one of a time gone by that is worth remembering.

He reflects on the reality that so many businesses in the world today make decisions based purely on numbers with the main focus being on profit and keeping shareholders happy, not the consumer.

A key theme throughout the presentation is around being a noble leader in your business by:

  • showing gratitude and rewarding loyalty and work;
  • realising that it’s not all about maximising profits;
  • taking care of your employees first;
  • being part of the community in which your business is located.

People are the most valuable asset to a business. If people enjoy working for you and feel appreciated, the theory is that your business will be more profitable through their loyalty and willingness to work hard.

Click here to watch the TED Talk on YouTube.  It takes a few minutes to get into, but it’s an uplifting perspective and an inspiring story, challenging business leaders to look at the world differently.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.