The Alternative Rich List

Each year, The Sunday Times newspaper tracks the fortunes of the most affluent people in the United Kingdom and develops “The Sunday Times Rich List”. 

A few years ago, however, they also developed the “Alternative Rich List”, focusing on and celebrating people who lived fulfilling lives and whose wealth was not measured on material possessions alone.

I’m not sure the initiative has continued but it was so refreshing to read about people who felt enriched regardless of their financial situation.

Those that made the list were from all walks of life: the founder of a choir for homeless people bringing joy and music to those doing it tough on the streets, people with disabilities determined to live exceptional lives and let nothing get in their way of achievement despite the odds, humanitarians, marine life warriors, musicians and entrepreneurs. Despite the various award categories, they all fell under the banner of:

Rich in spirit, rich in experience, rich in life…

We all know that money gives you choices but it’s not always the key to happiness. Planning and effectively utilising the money that you have, regardless of the amount, allows you to live life your way

Don’t focus on money alone.

Think about what fulfils you, what makes you happy and how you can inject more of that into your every day.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.