Take a step back to move forward

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.”   – Peter Lynch

Over time, we acquire various assets. As an individual, it might be a car or shares then as a couple you might start to grow your asset base with the purchase of your first home. As life goes on, there may be assets that form part of your salary package and others that are purchased as part of an investment strategy. An inheritance may also see the transfer of an asset, either in part or in full.

Time passes quickly…when did you last review your asset portfolio?

Asset management is one of the key pillars underpinning our Wealth Activism philosophy. We see it as an opportunity to step back and review what you have now and what you want to own in the future. Understanding the potential income an asset can generate, as well as the risks involved, is critical in providing the best strategy for your journey.

In reviewing each individual asset, we try to help you determine its purpose. Knowing “why” you own something can provide real clarity. For example, a property or share portfolio can generate income or be held as a security for future investment opportunities. Both valid reasons to hold onto an asset. There are times, however, where we find that the asset is no longer being used for its intended purpose.

For example, a family home that holds strong emotional significance or a collection of art work once popular but not aligned with your taste in art today. Could the funds from the sale of an unused asset be put to better use for future experiences or purchases?

Ultimately, it’s your decision but knowing what you own and determining the true value of your asset base provides choice and opportunity.

Many people have chosen not to make large moves or changes financially over the past two years due to the uncertainty from the pandemic, but with life back to normal maybe it’s time to look at activating your wealth?

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Stay connected.