looking at the big picture

If only…

Imagine, you're at the beachĀ admiring the beautiful homes that overlook [...]

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Is 100 the new 80?

Recently I readĀ The 100-Year Life by Lynda Gratton and Andrew [...]

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What’s the right investment strategy for you?

What's the right investment strategy for you? This is always [...]

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The difference between profit and true wealth

Do you own a business? Or manage a team of [...]

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If you were approached to sell your business…would you?

This is a question many business owners have pondered at [...]

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How to set your kids up financially

Earlier this year, one of our readers contacted me with [...]

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Are you a leader or a manager?

Leadership traits, management styles, how to be a great bossā€¦topics [...]

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