Making medical treatment decisions without the burden of doubt

As the world gets used to living with the ongoing threat of Coronavirus, it’s hard to forget the heartache that so many people and families who have lost loved ones have gone through this year. Each day the death toll from this pandemic rises.  Families of the victims have had to face so many challenges.  […]

Love is not enough

Love is not enough This video is a MUST SEE! Advance Care Planning Australia have released a powerful video showing how the assumptions we might make as decision makers for our partners, parents or children could be inconsistent with their wishes. The key message being to have those important conservations and document it for when […]

Why we need to talk about dementia…

In Australia, dementia is the second leading cause of death.  Almost 1 in 10 Australians over 65 are living with the disease and there’s no cure. Currently, Dementia Australia estimates 49% of people with dementia have not completed any type advance care planning. Advance care planning allows dementia patients to take control of their future. […]