Trying to avoid the trade-off?

“Many people delay taking action because they hope to avoid suffering. They keep searching for a path that won’t involve trade-offs. But some form of suffering is always inevitable. The process of taking action is the process of choosing your pain.”  – James Clear   This is true for so many situations in life, including some of […]

Is 100 the new 80?

Recently I read The 100-Year Life by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott from the London Business School. The book recognizes that due to varying factors such as improved living conditions and advances in medicine, people are ultimately living longer.  What jumped out at me early on was the question: “Would you live your life differently if […]

What’s the right investment strategy for you?

What’s the right investment strategy for you? This is always an interesting question and one that many will have a view on.  Some argue that investing in the property market is more stable and “less risky”.  The opinion of those on the flipside is that without risk there’s less return on your investment. Every type […]

Love is not enough

Love is not enough This video is a MUST SEE! Advance Care Planning Australia have released a powerful video showing how the assumptions we might make as decision makers for our partners, parents or children could be inconsistent with their wishes. The key message being to have those important conservations and document it for when […]

Set yourself up for a great 2020!

“Goal setting” is a common theme at this time of year and whilst it’s easy enough to set goals, unless you go through the process properly, achieving them can be difficult. So, here’s my 2 cents worth…. Top 5 tips for effective goal setting 1. Set a limit A great way to not achieve your […]