Respect the past, but be open to the future

“Traditions are often time-tested best practices for doing something. But remember that today’s conservative ideas were once controversial, cutting-edge, and innovative. This is why we can’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.
– Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic

It’s easy to continue along the same path especially when it has worked well for so long and no problems have been presented.  Yet shouldn’t businesses be looking for ways to use resources more efficiently? Or enhance the customer experience as well as proactively attract new customers?

Aim to create an innovative culture and staff will more likely work towards doing business better.  In return, the business gains a competitive edge.

Below are some ways to create an innovative culture from some of the world’s most successful companies:

  • Amazon set up a virtual ideas box for employees;
  • Haier gives the ultimate recognition by naming the final product after the person who had the idea;
  • Spacesaver motivate employees with posters around the office that show their products being used by consumers;
  • Intuit introduced the “Failure Award” which is given to the team whose idea failed the most but bought about the biggest learnings for the company.

Give time for creative thinking and encourage employees of all levels to contribute.  The culture of the business will then shift to one where innovation is not only encouraged, but expected.

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