Opposites attract

You know how people say “opposites attract”?  Never is this more true than when I meet couples where one is a “spender” and one is a “saver”!

Some people are spenders by nature because when they were growing up money was readily available.  Others are spenders because their situation was the opposite – money was scarce and they went on to find joy in spending when they started earning their own income.

Often though, people that have felt the strain from a lack of money are more risk adverse and anxious that one day they may not have enough.

I discuss this further in the video below.

As an advisor, the best way to support couples in this situation is to ask the questions that help them focus on what’s important to them.

It may be that we develop an asset management strategy whereby the “saver” feels the comfort of knowing there is an additional income stream being generated, whilst at the same time providing the “spender” with an allowance each month for them to continue making purchases – no questions asked!

There’s always options. Reach out today to see how Paxton Bridge can help you activate your wealth.

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Stay connected.