Need a break?

Earlier this year, Alex Martin and I recorded an episode of our podcast “A lawyer and financial advisor walk into a bar” that I think will resonate with professionals and business owners alike:  The importance of taking time off.

Working from home is part of the new normal, which is great in some ways but it can also feel like you’re living at work.  The line between personal and work time continues to blur and many find themselves working longer hours with less of the usual barriers, such as the commute to the office, to help switch off.

The need to take a break is more important than ever!

During time away, the different scenery and routine allows the brain to think differently, more creatively and allows us to gain perspective.  A break can be anything from a 4 day weekend to a 6 week trip away – it’s whatever you need to feel like you’ve been able to rest and recharge.

Click here to listen to the episode today or find it on your favourite podcast platform.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.