Making medical treatment decisions without the burden of doubt

As the world gets used to living with the ongoing threat of Coronavirus, it’s hard to forget the heartache that so many people and families who have lost loved ones have gone through this year.

Each day the death toll from this pandemic rises.  Families of the victims have had to face so many challenges.  Due to the various enforced lockdowns, many people have not been able to visit those family members or friends that have needed in-hospital medical treatment. They have had to rely on the staff at aged care facilities and hospitals to ensure their loved ones are getting the care they need that is also best aligned with their wishes.  This includes, not only Coronavirus patients, but those suffering other long term and life threatening conditions and diseases.

Make your wishes known

One of the ways that we can ensure our own or our family members wishes are met is by writing an Advance Care Directive.  These are not easy conversations to have but the peace of mind they bring is far greater than the initial discomfort of starting the conversation.

The Advance Care Planning website has all the forms and information you need and our staff can also guide you through the information.

The website also has many case studies and the story of Rob and his wife Jan (both in the early 60’s) has a strong message.  Jan has since passed away of Leukemia and in the case study Rob reflects on her final days with the following:

“I think the hardest thing was having to make such a big decision about Jan’s care without being certain of her wishes…An Advance Care Directive would have given me more certainty that I was making the right decision for Jan as we would have been interpreting her written wishes.”

Certainly food for thought and not just for you and/or your partner, but for elderly parents and other loved ones too.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.