Is your insurance right for you or could you self insure?

We assume most of our readers have some sort of insurance.  Possibly multiple policies and plans in place for uncertain times or if the unexpected happens, to protect their loved ones, finances and/or business.

The question is whether these policies are up to date.  If not, are you therefore underinsured, or possibly even overinsured?

Various stages of life require different levels of insurance cover. If you have moved from one stage of life to another, you might find that your current policy does not meet your needs today.

For example, the type of life insurance that you might have in your 30’s will differ to what you might need in your 50’s.  In your 30’s you might have a young family and a large amount of debt due to your mortgage. In your 50’s, your children are older, possibly moved out of the family home (if you’re lucky!) and the mortgage is either paid off or reduced significantly.

The flipside is whether you are in a position to self insure. It’s not a common practice, but if you have the ability and discipline to set aside extra funds for possible injury or illness, then you might be currently paying for policies that you don’t need.

Everyone’s situation is different, so we have put together a checklist that might help you determine whether your insurance needs have changed.

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