In the blink of an eye

If you’re a parent, especially of older children, you no doubt remember those stand out milestones like they were yesterday. 

The first birthday, first day of school, becoming a teenager. They seem to happen in the blink of an eye and each brings change, marking the end of an era and a new chapter beginning. There’s one in particular though, that parents could focus on planning for and yet often don’t until it’s upon us or passed…the end of secondary school!

It’s a major milestone for the kids, but also for parents. Once your children have finished school not only do you have more disposable income (especially if you’ve had years of private school fees!) but you also have more time. Imagine not having the weekend sport run around, driving kids to casual work shifts or attending school based functions. You gain hours back!

Time is our scarcest resource and one that most of us need more of!

What could life look like for you with more cash and more time?

A weekend away more often, or perhaps a longer trip? A new car? Maybe you’ll choose to pay off debt or contribute more to super to help improve your financial wellbeing?

Either way, it’s an exciting time and one that should be enjoyed and planned for accordingly.

Traditionally, and in its most basic form, financial advice focuses on retirement but I’ve noticed the landscape is changing. People are realising you don’t have to wait until you retire to have a bit of fun! 

This period of working but without the expenses that children bring is the perfect time to start living life and doing something for you.  Time to dust off the bucket list and decide what’s first!

Reach out if you or someone you know needs help putting a plan together.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.