How to support local businesses this Christmas

How to support local businesses this year

A hot topic often discussed between advisors and those they help is cashflow.  We always look at how you spend and what you’re spending your money on.  However, with the end of the year fast approaching, I wanted to talk about where you’re spending your money this festive season.

We’re all aware of what a tough year it has been for many small businesses, especially in Melbourne and the rural areas that rely on tourism.  As a result of the lockdown and ongoing threat of coronavirus, many restaurants, cafes and retail stores have had to shut their doors all whilst still having to pay rent and look after their staff as best they can.

Given that restrictions have now eased, we can each play our part in helping these businesses recover.  By changing our mindset and being conscious of where we are spending money this Christmas, we can help stimulate the local economy and help keep and grow jobs.

Think outside the square and buy family, friends or staff an experience such as a voucher from a favourite local business or find Australian made goods online at websites such as or

Finally, another way to help is by liking and sharing social media posts from your favourite local business or leaving a review.  It’s easy to do and costs nothing but 5 minutes of your time.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.