Have you read “The Wealthy Gardener”?

I came across a book recently, full of inspiring and meaningful messages around prosperity, wealth accumulation and financial freedom, called “The Wealthy Gardener.”

It’s a collection of stories written by a father for his son. At first it appears to be a valuable resource for people in their 20’s but I think the lessons throughout could be beneficial to most ages, as well as a good guide for people trying to financially educate young adults.

I particularly liked the notion of using your younger years to learn about and earn money, and then your final “season” to spend as you please!

Planting the seeds early on for your financial success through good habits and robust plans, or “five year crusades”, to achieve a level of wealth that gives you choice and opportunity is key. For example, a couple I was talking to recently had been contemplating whether they could spend the warmer parts of the year in Melbourne and 4-5 months in Port Douglas during the winter. An apartment with water views, a balcony and walking distance to their favourite brunch spot on Macrossan Street.  For them, this would be their “life well lived”.

They predominantly work from home and their kids have finished school, so the move is certainly a possibility but they need to map out how to make it happen.

Setting up a “five year crusade” would include asking:

1.  Financially, what can we be doing today that will plant the seeds to succeed?

2.  Who do we need to engage to make the best decisions regarding the purchase of the new property or are we better off renting?

3.  What habits do we need to change or build to help us achieve this goal?

Success will come from working at it each day – chipping away, bit by bit.  Here’s a copy of the book summary if you’re interested in finding out more.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.