Going out on your own

Ever thought about starting your own business? Going out on your own is a great option, especially if you’ve always worked for other organisations and have a skill set that’s in demand.

As a business owner myself, I’ve found it rewarding but I also know it can throw a few challenges your way in the early days that need to be considered before taking the plunge.

Alex Martin and I had a great discussion about this in a recent episode of our podcast “A lawyer and financial advisor walk into a bar”. We talk through some of the pitfalls each of us have experienced, the need to constantly reassess processes and structures as you grow and the challenges both financially and personally. 

Click here to listen to the episode or download from Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

If this is something you are considering, I recommend gathering advice and information from various sources. Lawyers, accountants and other advisors, plus websites such as asic.gov.au and business.gov.au

There is also a free downloadable resource on the Paxton Bridge website to help start you on your way. Click here to access your copy today.

As someone who works with a lot of business owners, I’d be happy to chat through any concerns or questions you might have regarding risk assessments, business structures and agreements.

Simply email advice@paxtonbridge.com to set up a time to talk over the phone or via Zoom.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.