Feel like taking a year off?

Ever dream about taking a year off work?

To follow the sun and travel, spend more time with family, focus on your side hustle…the options are endless and yours to create!

It’s easy to imagine but hard to put into place. It’s natural to worry about eating into your savings, the impact on your career and pushing out retirement plans. Our brains automatically tell us we can’t do it because it’s the path less travelled.

But maybe it’s an idea worth exploring?

It may not be a full year, it could be just 3 months, but taking advantage of your younger and healthier years makes sense. And with some forward planning it might just be possible!

If you can negotiate time away from work, then a strategy can be developed to ensure the minimal financial impact. By reviewing your current expenses and adjusting, savings can be increased, or debt can be reduced. The next step would include a review of your asset portfolio to ensure that each asset is still serving it’s intended purpose. What could be sold and where could the funds be reallocated to give you a passive income stream? That way, when you’re away from work, there is still money available.

To fully optimise the time you have available, determine “why” this is important, the people you want involved and what you specifically want to do. Being clear about this will provide for better planning.

I’m a Wealth Activist® so to me there’s always options and every idea is worth exploring!

Why wait until you’re retired to have some fun?

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