Did you make the right choice?

The past is the past and whilst we need to learn from the experience, goals are better achieved when you focus on the future. It’s hard to hit the reset button and move forward if you keep pondering “what if?” with the past.

We’ve all been there, at a crossroads, eventually deciding which path to take. And inevitably there will have been times where perhaps the choice we made didn’t turn out as planned. 

But that’s life, isn’t it? The key is to move on.

The proactive option is to outline what you are looking to achieve and start the process of being focused on why and how you are making decisions to land at the destination you want. Reflect upon those decisions each month, quarter or year to ensure you are staying on track with achieving the desired outcome to activating your wealth.

Your mindset directly impacts your chance of success. When we help people activate their wealth, determining their Money Mindset is the first port of call.

Everyone makes mistakes or poor decisions, whether it be financially or otherwise. We blame others (a friend that recommended investing in a certain stock), or ourselves (not seeking advice first to check that particular stock out), and can end up in a situation where for years after we dwell on “what could have been”.

The question is, why are we wasting our emotional energy doing so when it won’t achieve anything?

If you’re having trouble letting go of a past financial decision that’s impacting your mindset, reach out to us through calendly for a chat.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.