Is goal setting worth it?

Is goal setting worth it? You might think that’s a strange question from a financial advisor! But for some people, the burden of setting goals and the responsibility of achieving them in a certain time frame is a challenge. If this sounds familiar, there are different tactics you can use and approaches you can take […]

Opposites attract

You know how people say “opposites attract”?  Never is this more true than when I meet couples where one is a “spender” and one is a “saver”! Some people are spenders by nature because when they were growing up money was readily available.  Others are spenders because their situation was the opposite – money was scarce and […]

5 services you may not have expected…

Deciding if a Family Office is right for your situation can be difficult. Is there enough wealth to warrant such a structure? And is our family complex enough that we need help navigating the management of our wealth? Both common questions, but the reality is that a family office can be anything you want it […]

Nobody likes surprises…

Nobody likes surprises…well some people might! But I can almost guarantee when it comes to estate planning, most people don’t. Of all the discussions we have with the people we help, estate planning is the most delicate and requires a lot more than a “one size fits all” approach. Managing family dynamics and expectations is […]

Empowering your “big kids” with financial knowledge

Picture this: your child has turned 18, finished school and they’re off to university or work. Before long, they’ll be talking about moving out of home, or travelling…living their best life! It’s an exciting time but one that requires a new skill set so they don’t get in over their head financially. We often associate […]

Is inheritance tax free?

Is inheritance tax free? In Australia, the short answer is “yes”.  There is no inheritance tax imposed at either a federal or state level. The longer answer is “it depends”… Certain taxes may apply to inheritance depending on the nature of the asset, and how it is dealt with by the beneficiary after it’s received. […]