“Build before you have to…”

“Build before you have to…

Build knowledge before you have to.

Build strength before you have to.

Build an emergency fund before you have to.

Let internal pressure drive you today, so you can handle external pressure tomorrow.” – James Clear

People often talk about “saving for a rainy day”.  The notion of ensuring you have money in the bank in case of an unexpected event.

What I love about the above thought from author James Clear, however, is that we shouldn’t just focus on being financially secure.  We also need to have extra reserves of strength and knowledge for that “rainy day”.

And if the events of last year are anything to go by, it’s that our world can change overnight.  Coping with the unexpected depends on how much knowledge and strength we have stored in the tank.

When we think about “knowledge”, we often think about education.  However, knowledge is also gained through our own life experience, through talking to others and simply observing the world around us.  Knowledge is increased by trying something new, stepping outside of our comfort zone and through being curious enough to want to know more.  The more knowledge we have, the less likely we are to panic in the face of adversity.

Similarly, “strength”, it’s not just physical strength.  Strength is also the level of determination and the coping strategies in place to keep going when it feels like the world is against us.  Increasing strength comes from looking after ourselves to avoid burn out and building a support network around us to lean on in times of need.

In reality, knowledge and strength are often gained simultaneously.  Learning, practicing, prioritising…bit by bit, step by step, building our resilience.

Financially, it’s the same.  Putting small amounts away regularly to increase the emergency fund and therefore our peace of mind.

Strive to continue to build your bank of resilience in all areas so that the unexpected is less impactful.

Stay connected.

Stay connected.