Being comfortable is not the aim

Recently, Peter Cook from Thought Leaders talked in his blog about choosing a life with meaning rather than comfort.

It was an interesting perspective.  It challenged the mindset that when life gets too hard, that our immediate thought is “it shouldn’t be like this”.

Peter refers to a TEDTalk given by Psychologist Susan David, who talks in depth about the power of “emotional agility”. The labelling and validating of emotions that then allows us to become more resilient. In doing so, and in accepting that to live a meaningful life there will always be discomfort, we can cope better when life gets hard. So instead of thinking or feeling that “it shouldn’t be like this”, we can accept it and keep moving forward.

There is an increasing rate of mental illness in the world today.  And with the constant mantra of “keep positive”, it has become essential in all facets of life and business to acknowledge emotions so they don’t fester, take over and limit our potential.

If you’re interested, I’ve included a link to the TEDTalk here.

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