Asset management and Wealth Activism

Asset management is one of the key areas of discussion when people first seek financial advice. And a good asset management strategy that assesses your risk profile and investment opportunities will certainly set you on the right path to achieve your financial goals. But your asset management strategy can’t be developed in isolation. At Paxton […]

Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves

There’s been plenty of speculation over the years, through research studies and in the media, about second and third generations squandering the family wealth. But does the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” or “3rd generation trap” theories really stack up? Not necessarily… The way that families engage and interact today is vastly different to families from decades […]

The power of regret

We’ve all experienced regret. Bad financial decisions, opportunities lost, interpersonally…it comes in many forms. But is regret always a bad thing? A book that I came across recently, The Power of Regret by Daniel H. Pink, unpacks this all-consuming emotion and discusses how to best use regret to make changes in life for the better. The author […]

Building financial resilience

People often talk about “saving for a rainy day”.  The emergency fund that gives you peace of mind that you’re financially secure if the unexpected happens. However, building a financially secure future also requires building resilience. Life experiences and past decisions increase our mental and emotional strength, as well as our knowledge, both of which are required to […]

Connection through giving

For some people, philanthropy isn’t on their radar. If they have surplus funds, their preference is to reinvest with the view to grow their wealth. For others, giving back is part of who they are, and they find it a rewarding and fulfilling experience. There’s no right or wrong, but it can be challenging in […]