Are you paying too much for insurance?

With all the changes that have occurred over the past few years, have you reviewed your insurance policies to see if they’re still relevant for you?

Whether you have Life Cover, Total Permanent Disability Cover, Income Protection, Trauma Cover or a combination of these, it’s important to reassess to ensure that your cover will protect you in uncertain times or if the unexpected happens, to the level required for your lifestyle now.

Various stages of life require different levels of insurance cover and if you have moved from one stage of life to another, you might find that your current policy does not meet your needs today.

For example, the type of life insurance that you might have in your 30’s, when you might have a young family and a large amount of debt due to your mortgage, will differ from when you’re in your 50’s and your children are older, possibly moved out of the family home (if you’re lucky!) and the mortgage is either paid off or reduced significantly.

Everyone’s situation is different. Here’s a couple of questions to consider when deciding if your situation has changed enough to warrant a review of your policies:

1.  Have you married/separated/divorced?

2.  Have you had children?

3.  Has your spouse/beneficiary died?

4.  Has your job changed?

5.  Have your spending habits changed?

6.  Have your earnings or debt levels changed?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, reach out to chat through reviewing your cover to ensure it’s the right level for you.  And more importantly to see if we could be redirecting that free cash to other investments!

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Stay connected.