Why we need to talk about dementia…

We’ve all heard the statistics about dementia…the second leading cause of death in Australia, almost 1 in 10 Australians over 65 living with the disease, and no cure.

Pretty scary.

Perhaps what’s even more frightening is that Dementia Australia currently estimates that 49% of people with dementia have not completed any type of advance care planning.

Advance care planning allows dementia patients to take control of their future. The plan addresses areas such as carers, lifestyle and personal choices, as well as end of life care choices. Advance Care Planning Australia provides information, fact sheets and forms on their website as to how and where to start, but help is also available from professionals such as your solicitor or financial adviser.

Being prepared alleviates the distress on your loved ones and rules out any doubt as to your values, wishes and expectations.

If you need advice in this area, schedule an appointment to discuss how we can support you in your approach.

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