The importance of reviewing your Will

Preparing a Will can be an arduous task. So, when it’s done it feels good to tick it off the “to-do” list and pop it in the drawer – ready to go for when it’s needed.

The problem is that your Will is made at a single point in time and if not reviewed regularly then it may not reflect your current situation or values.

Life rarely stays the same, and therefore by not updating your Will you run the risk of your wishes not being carried out in the way you would want them to and possibly creating a lot of heartache for the people that you love after you pass away.

To help you decide if it’s time to update your Will, here is some questions to consider:

• Have you married/separated/divorced?
• Have you had children or have your children turned 18?
• Have your assets changed significantly?
• Do you need to re think your Powers of Attorney?
• Is your Will set up in a way that best delivers your assets to your beneficiaries?

Depending on your answers it might be time to review your estate plan. Click here to contact David Murdoch to discuss your estate planning requirements or updates.

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